ROQ-ECO screen printing Powerhouse

With a maximum capacity of 1400 pieces per hour, this screen printing machine is a powerhouse.

This platform makes optimal use of the ROQ Flock and ROQ Foil modules thanks to the independent printhead elevation. This elevation system makes this screen printing machine particularly efficient when printing with water-based inks, as the printer can control the time the screens are in contact with the hot pallets. Less contact time means less evaporation of the inks, resulting in fewer stops during the job.

The ROQ Eco is built from high-quality materials and the greatest focus is on designing and delivering a high-quality machine that requires a minimum of maintenance. ROQ believes that the printer should spend as little time as possible setting up jobs, cleaning screens or performing maintenance. For this reason, every part of the Eco is designed for durability and precision, with a constant focus on innovation and quality.

The main difference between the ECO and the other models in the series is the HMI panel on the print head, which allows you to set the parameters for each operation.

When a customer buys the ROQ Eco, as with any other ROQ machine, he also buys our technical assistance network, which is committed not only to solving potential problems but also to maintaining production quality. More on ROQ INTERNATIONAL

We are the agency for ROQ Screen Printing Machines in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Mauritius and Ile de a Reunion. Questions? Contact us.

ROQ Tips: Digital Micro Registration on the ROQ ECO Automatic Screen Printing Press

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