ROQ NANO for printing smaller areas

This screen printing machine is available with 10 pallets and 4 colours. The maximum print area is 200 mm x 200 mm. The ROQ NAno is an extremely powerful platform for printing smaller areas, such as T-shirts, sleeves or tags. It achieves an impressive output of 1200 pieces per hour.
It uses specially designed flash units that are integrated into the machine itself. It has been designed to be small, yet retain the qualities of ROQ screen printing machines – quality, durability, precision and reliability.

Its small size makes it a perfect screen printing machine for smaller operations or as a complement to larger machines. With these market needs in mind, the ROQ Nano has been designed to fit through normal doorways (the base of the machine is 800 mm wide) and can be moved without the need to level the machine, giving it unique versatility.

The ROQ Nano has independent control panels in each printhead. The print heads use a central elevation system. For the pneumatic screen system, you can choose between a “U” clamp system or a pin system. And like all other ROQ screen printing machines, it has a central control panel with a polychrome LCD touch screen, a micro-registration screen system with Vernier scale and individual controls to control print and flood speed, squeegee height and angle, and stroke length.

The ROQ Nano is built from high-quality materials and has been shipped all over the world. It has been designed to require very little maintenance and ROQ has taken great care in its design to use robust and easy to find parts. If a part is needed, the worldwide after-sales service network ensures that the part can be obtained quickly and that maintenance times are minimal. The ROQ Nano has been designed to print continuously throughout its working life. More at ROQ INTERNATIONAL

We are the agency for ROQ Screen Printing Machines in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Mauritius and Ile de a Reunion. Questions? Contact us.

Screen printing machine - ROQprint Nano

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