ROQ YOU – 8 to a maximum of 22 pallets

A screen printing machine must be robust, fast, precise and deliver impressive performance. The ROQ You is the culmination of all these qualities.

The ROQ You, like all other ROQ machines, is innovative in its processes and techniques. The aim is to design, manufacture and supply machines of unquestionable quality that will last for decades with minimal maintenance, with our technical support available to the customer at all times.

With a maximum production of 1050 pieces per hour, this screen printing machine shows its versatility in the number of configurations it can produce.

From a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 22 pallets and from one colour (print head) to a maximum of 20 colours (print heads). With a maximum print area of 850x1000mm, the ROQ You is ideal for printing in sizes M and XL. The ROQ You is also an extremely user-friendly screen printing machine.

Each print head has its own control panel, but the entire machine can be controlled from the central console, including all connected accessories. This allows for very intuitive control of the machine so that set-up times can be reduced or adjustments can be made on the spot. When using the PRU (Positive Registration Unit) or the ROQ CTS, set-up times become even shorter, making the entire operation more efficient.


We are the agency for ROQ Screen Printing Machines in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Mauritius and Ile de a Reunion. Questions? Contact us.

ROQ You XL 8 Color 12 Station Press Specs and Features

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