ROQ NEXT – the latest carousel machine from ROQ

ROQ NEXT is the latest carousel machine from ROQ. It has been developed with the aim of reaching a wider range of customers.

The ROQ Next has a maximum speed of 1200 pieces per hour and has an independent print head stroke that increases speed and work quality.

This screen printer is low maintenance and easy to use, and we have also made sure to use as many universal parts as possible, as we know how important it is to be able to source parts quickly.

Independent controls in each print head for all normal functions such as print and flood speed, height, squeegee angle and stroke length.

With a maximum of 20 pallets and 18 colours, the ROQ NEXT is a fast and precise state-of-the-art machine.


We are the agency for ROQ Screen Printing Machines in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar, Mauritius and Ile de a Reunion. Questions? Contact us.

Roq Next P12 XL

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